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The Unofficial Wordfast Users Support Group is a mailing list for users of Wordfast.  This mailing list is for all editions of Wordfast, including Wordfast Classic (WFC), Wordfast Pro 3 (WFP3), Wordfast Pro 5 (WFP5) and Wordfast Anywhere (WFA).  If you have any questions about Wordfast or if you wish to share something related to Wordfast, you're welcome to join this mailing list and post your message here.  This is an unofficial mailing list, i.e. it is not supported or managed by anyone working for Wordfast. When posting a message that starts a new conversation, remember to add a hashtag to the subject line to indicate which version of Wordfast your message is about. Preferred hashtags are #wfc, #wfp3, #wfp5, #wfa and #other.  Or remember to write the version of Wordfast in the subject line.  If you write your message in a language other than English, please add the language code as a hashtag too, e.g. #FR for French. To send messages, send it to or visit To read messages, visit To join the group, visit or send an empty e-mail to To change your subscription settings or to leave the group, visit Some of the old messages from the Yahoogroups archive may be made available to members of this new mailing list. Write to the moderators for more information or if you wish to have your personal information removed from the archive. *Subgroups:* If any members wish to have a subgroup for e.g. conversations in a particular language or conversations about a specific product, this can be arranged.  Please familiarize yourself with subgroups here ( ) , here ( ) and here ( ) before requesting the creation of a subgroup.  Our group is not a premium group but we do have the option to have subgroups.
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  • Temporary WFC beta group (closed)
    This was a temporary WFC beta mailing list.  The official WFC beta mailing list is here:
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